Market Based Pricing

Your Key to Paying Less for a Pre-Owned Vehicle

What is Market Based Pricing?

At Mt. Kisco Honda, our goal is to give you the best quality vehicles at the best prices.

To give you competitive prices on used vehicles, we use something called “Market Based Pricing.” This means that our prices are not based on book value, but rather the current market’s supply and demand. This is how we make sure that our deals are the best deals.

Our prices, in addition to Our convenient location, reputation, the level Of reconditioning we put into our cars, and our ability to provide Honda certified pre-owned vehicles, make us an attractive choice for your next pre-owned vehicle.

For example, 2014 a Honda CRV EX-L that was Honda Certified and fully reconditioned With miles 34,091 was recently available on Our lot. The Kelley Blue 300k value was $25,564, but we listed the vehicle at $23,400.

Our goal is to make each of our vehicles a top value choice within a radius determined by market availability.

That’s how market pricing works! You get the best value around! In today’s world, you can look at cars anywhere with a click on the button. Use the market to your advantage and make sure you get the best price.

At Mt. Kisco Honda, we strive to make it difficult to beat our prices.

We don’t have any hidden fees in our prices – what you see is what you get! Other dealerships may say they have the car for less but might have a destination fee or a prep fee. Don’t pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in fees – get the price from the start!

We hope you can appreciate our upfront and honest sales strategy that we employ with the market-based strategy.

Call or stop by today to learn more about our pricing strategy and to schedule a test drive in a pre-owned vehicle.


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